Supporting teachers

Our teachers are amazing professionals working to connect with, teach, and help our students thrive in high school. TPA volunteers work to recognize, encourage, and support our teachers. Below is a Teacher Request form that Thunderbird employees may use to request volunteer, financial, or both financial and volunteer support from the TPA followed by some of our programs supporting teachers.

Teacher Requests

Teacher Support Request form

Please complete the form below to request volunteer and/or financial support from our Thunderbird High School Parent Association. If the request is urgent or if you have not heard back within a week of submitting your request please email [email protected].

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Selected Value: 1

Teacher appreciation program

During the school year, our TPA looks for ways to show our teachers some love. Candy and treat deliveries, meals, decorations, and cards are small gestures our group provides during the school year to show our teachers we them and we appreciate their efforts.

Teacher and Admin breakfast

On Monday before school starts in August and then that first day after the holiday in January our TPA volunteers host breakfast before the school teacher and administrator meeting. This breakfast provides all Thunderbird High School employees a chance to socialize and gear up for the semester.

Stock the Break-room!

Starting off the school year and the new year with a nicely stocked break-room is one little way we show our teachers we are thinking of them. Chips, candies, cookies, ramen, healthy snacks, and whatever we can gather to stock up the break-room make for a nice gesture and a fun activity.

Teacher Wish List

During the school year, teachers and administrators may bring wish list items or program funding ideas to our TPA meetings. These are unique opportunities for our TPA to fund programs for our school and support teacher initiatives.

Please help!

Join us for hosting a breakfast, stocking the break-room and other teacher appreciation events (check the Events page), donating break-room goodies for our teachers or donating money to the TPA so we may meet teacher wish-list items and host great teacher appreciation events.