About us

Our Thunderbird Parent Association is one of the most active high school parent and teacher groups in the State of Arizona. Our 100% volunteer run organization works to support our Thunderbird High School teachers, administrators, students, and community.

How we raise money

Our 100% volunteer run, not for profit organization accepts direct contributions throughout the year and we host several fundraising events during the school year. Our two largest events are the Silent Auction Party and Golf Tournament held in the fall (most often between Halloween and Thanksgiving) then a Casino Night event held in February. We also host smaller events that include a Ladies Night, a Dart Tournament, Super Bowl Squares, April Showers, Commemorative Brick sales, and Senior Parking Spot sales.

How we use the money we raise

We strive to put the money we raise to work supporting our students, our teachers, our administrators, and our school community. Over the years our organization has partnered with Thunderbird High School on campus improvement projects like the back-field lights that provide student groups more time to practice and maximize use of the fields during the winter months. We have also supported baseball field improvements, campus courtyard improvements, and a variety of projects that improve the campus.

Our largest, current use of the money we raise supports the Senior Grad Night celebration. We want all graduating seniors to have access to the Senior Grad Night activities so we use funds to reduce the ticket cost for our students, increase the activities our students enjoy during the evening, and to provide great prizes and awards for our students attending the party.

Smaller programs that use the money we raise include offsetting the costs of the T-Squad shirts, funding the student recognition programs, hosting the teacher appreciation activities, and offering student scholarships.

Supporting our community

Our TPA works best when our community works best. Our TPA strives to partner with, celebrate, and uplift the businesses operating in our community. Dine-out nights, TPA social events, and hosted catering are ways we work with our local restaurants. Sponsorships, advertising, and auction item donations are ways we help shine a light on our local businesses while helping our TPA goals.

Please get involved

We need your help. The more parents, teachers, and community members get involved with our TPA group the better our student experience, the better our teacher experience, and the stronger our community.

Many hands make light work

Everyone in our community is busy. We won’t try to take over your life. We will work to provide everyone opportunity to engage and participate on their own schedule. Please look for opportunities to attend our monthly meetings, keep-up with our upcoming events, attend one of our fundraiser events, donate time, or donate money. Our active members each report receiving more rewards from participating in our projects than they pay in cost (time and/or money).