Supporting students

Our TPA volunteers work to help our Titan students shine. We work to enrich the Thunderbird High School experience for all of our students through the programs listed below and we are always up for ideas about how we may support our students. Please join our monthly meetings to share ideas for supporting our students.


The T-Squad is a special Freshman experience for our new Titans. Thunderbird High School administrators and teachers work to welcome new students to campus, introduce everyone to ways they may participate in campus groups and activities, and ease the high school transition. One part of the T-Squad program is special logo t-shirts and our TPA covers part of the shirt expense so all our new Titans may be part of the T-Squad.

Student of the Month Program

Our Thunderbird High School administrative team hosts several student of the month programs that recognize and reward our Titans in all grades for the work they put into the classroom and into our school. Our TPA provides funds for the recognition and rewards.

Fun Fridays

Starting in October our TPA volunteers host a monthly ”Fun Friday” event on campus, during the lunch periods. Our volunteers have organized visits from local sports teams like the Arizona Coyotes and Phoenix Suns for these events, partnered with local news channels for shout outs, we host games for the students to play on their lunch break and we provide prizes. We work to provide a nice break from the normal school day and show our Titan pride with these activities.

Student Scholarships

We help celebrate our student accomplishments with small scholarships available to graduating Titan seniors. Scholarships cover both academic and career technical education opportunities.

Please help!

Join our monthly meetings, volunteer time at Fun Fridays or donate money to our organization so our TPA volunteers may work to support our students.